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Forest 6

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by thewriter13
My computer has been busted for the past few weeks and I have been unable to update so as of today I am calling a hiatus until I get a new one.
by thewriter13
Happy birthday to me!!! Yay 24 But seriously I am looking for guest comics. If you would like to do one be my guest. Send them to the_writer_13@AOL.com
the ick.
by thewriter13
Sorry loyal readers for not updating.I have had the ick. Also this holiday season has been brutal. Thank you for your patience I hope to be up again on Monday Dec 19. <;))))((< ==={==========================> <===========}==
It Begins
by thewriter13

Hi all well I guess that all i have to say is Welcome to The Apocalypse. Again, I know this theme is old but it fits with my weird and insane ideas. I am a writer and have created a galaxy of my own. recent college grad here.